Stopped from Selling Major Brands on Amazon? Help is Here!

Ungated for Amazon brands


I get emails all the time: “Jordan, I can’t sell products by [Brand]. What can I do?” 

If you source products in stores or online to resell on Amazon, you’ve undoubtedly come across the below image when listing or researching a product:

restricted product on amazon


Or, if you’re using the free Amazon seller App ( iPhone/Android), this:

brand restrictions on Amazon

What’s going on here?

As many Amazon sellers already know, various sellers are restricted from selling various major and minor brands on Amazon. It differs by seller (and no individual seller is “targeted”). For instance, newer sellers will find them “gated” from Lego, but long-time sellers like me were allowed to sell Lego on Amazon years ago, and we’ve been “grandfathered in”.

Other brands – like “Seen on TV”, are notorious for restricting sellers. (The exception is authorized sellers who buy their products directly in wholesale quantities).

In short – all Amazon sellers who source products in stores or online are restricted from selling various brands.

But there’s great news:

1.) There are thousands of brands that don’t have restrictions for any sellers; and

2.) Many (not all) restricted brands have ethical and legal loopholes –  which Amazon merchants like me have used successfully, to automatically get permission to sell a specific brand.

You can really use this, too. Especially this Q4!

You can get ungated from 100s of brands with my trusted partner Kevin (an Amazon seller) from Our Journey To Freedom:

Resellers on Amazon

(That’s Kevin and his Family, above)

See, Kevin provides this easy to follow that has 100 products (ASINs) on Amazon that will get most sellers automatically approved. (Kevin calls them ‘Auto Ungaters’)

(If you’re skeptical, there is a FREE short list of ASINs you can access to test yourself.  Scroll all the way down this page where it says “Not Sure”?

In the course, Kevin unveils 100 ASINs that can get you unrestricted or ungated without a purchase from a wholesaler or letter of authorization from the brand.  These are ASINs for a variety of catgories – not just toys.

Here’s a video of me using Kevin’s FREE list of ASINs to get automatically ungated from a major brand – Mr. Coffee. (That free list is accessible on the bottom of this page):

And if you’re saying “100 ASINS isn’t enough”, Kevin has inexpensive “Growth Subscriptions” with even more ASINs!)

Get 20% off the list of 100 ASINs plus…

Kevin’s “Getting Past Amazon Restrictions + List of 100 ASINS” course is already a bargain at $47, but you get 20% off with coupon code: MALIK. Ensure you enter that code right at the beginning of the checkout process. You’ll see a “Have a Coupon” link:

coupon code Our Journey To Freedom ungating

Please note:

1.) I mentioned “Lego” and “Lion King” in the examples above to demonstate what Amazon restrictions will look like to you – the seller. However, those brands are not included in in the list of ASINs. However, Kevin’s list includes Brita, Leapfrog, Folgers, Play-Doh, Elf on The Shelf, and 100+ more major brands

2.) Not all Amazon sellers can get automatically ungated from ALL 100+ brands.  Your success rate of getting auto-ungated can depend on the length of your status as an Amazon seller, your seller performance history on Amazon, and other factors

3.) I highly recommend you use the free list – accessible on the bottom of this page – to see what success you have with ungating before buying the course.

That’s it for now.

Stay focusd, and take action!

-Jordan Malik

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