She took my info and did THIS?

I give away a LOT of helpful seller sourcing ideas right here on this blog.

(When I’m not giving it away, it can be bought for Happy-Meal prices.)

The readers who take action with my info make great profits with relative ease. Below are portions of a (real) testimonial that just arrived from ‘Terry G.’ (last name not revealed to protect her anonymity):

“[I sold a $100 Braun coffee maker that I] picked up for free, and [I did the] same with a Sunbeam food processor. I wouldn’t have given these items a second glance at the various post-estate-sale* giveaways had it not been for your specific advice about picking up small kitchen appliances…”

“At another post-estate-sale giveaway in September I picked up slightly over 850 books for free.”

“I bought two Swarovski Christmas ornaments for $20 each and sold on Amazon for $300 each.”

I love hearing from  my readers like Terry. Read more of her actual email (sensitive info blurred out) here.

I give more on sourcing highly profitable goods at ‘near-zero’ prices here, here and here.


* By “post-estate-sale”, Terry means that she acquired homeowners’ products at the end of the estate sale at a very low cost or for free, like what I did in late October here.

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