7 Reasons Why Selling Toys on eBay Is Super Profitable

Selling Used Toys on eBay - does it still work?


Ten years ago, I was fired from my big city advertising agency job. (I hated it).

And that’s when I turned my part-time job selling on eBay & Amazon into my “full time” gig.

I sourced used stuff – primarily toys – from thrift stores and garage/yard sales, to resell on eBay (and Amazon).

That was in 2009. Since then, a lot has changed in my business, so I hadn’t been in thrift store for a while.

Until this June. Just for fun, I stopped into a local Goodwill. And I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed.

This is where it all began for me.

Had I not started sourcing and flipping used toys, I probably wouldn’t have had the success I have today.

Moreover, I’m seeing more sellers – frustrated with Amazon’s restrictions and fees – turning back to eBay.


Can you still make big profits selling used toys on eBay?

The short answer is “yes”, and I’ll prove it to you today.

The Proof is In The Profits

Below (and above, held by that handsome fellow) is a plush John Deere Tractor I just found in my local Goodwill, for $2.99:

what used toys can yous ell on eBay?

When I saw it, I thought “what will this sell for on eBay?” I did a search on my free eBay app. I ensured I was looking at sold listings – prices shown in green – to see what it actually sold for.

With the app, I discovered the tractor is actually a Build A Bear accessory. You’ll see below the identical item sold on eBay for $34.99 total. So my total projected profit (I haven’t listed it yet) will be over $18. For a light, plush toy I paid just $2.99 for!

sell toys on eBay used


There’s more. Like this vintage Fisher Price Roly Poly Ball I found for 99 cents. It nets a $10 profit on eBay here:

Selling Used Fisher Price Toy on ebay

Still not convinced?  How about this light-up toy sewing machine, missing all the accessories, I bought for $4.99? It sells for an $8 profit on eBay:

Selling girls toys on eBay - sewing machine

(Remember, the sold examples above have high shipping fees. Buyers are paying $5 to $10 more than the seller’s actual shipping cost.)

Selling Used Toys Really Works. Why?

U.S. consumers are fickle.  Meaning: we buy lots of “stuff”, use it for a little while, look to quickly get rid of it, and then replace it with other stuff.

Example: Children constantly demand popular toys and games. They get the toy, play with it for a short while, lose interest and then put it away.

The parents wind up giving those toys away or selling them for nearly nothing. Those toys end up at yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, or on Craigslist or eBay.

Fortunately, this is where smart eBay sellers like us can make a huge profit.

In fact, that multi-millionaire (Gary Vaynerchuk) said in an interview not too long ago:

Gary Vaynerchuk Garage Sale eBay

See, used toys and games are generally “retired”. Meaning they’re no longer manufactured, making them much more difficult to find in stores. Rarely is there a convenient match between the seller of the used toy and the buyer in the ‘local’ market. So buyers turn to ecommerce giants like eBay to find a specific toy. These large online platforms create a place where demand meets supply. Thus, a toy that was worth next to nothing in the local market can now fetch anywhere from $15 to $150 (or more) online.

Selling toys on eBay is still super-profitable. Why?

  1. The market is nearly untapped. Many competing sellers are reluctant to roll up their sleeves (it’s too ‘dirty’ for them)
  2. Higher profit margins. Many OOP toys can be found ‘new in package’ which means a higher margin of profit for you
  3. Not perfect is ok. If your toy is incomplete, there is a market for that too. Pieces or parts of many toys are sold on eBay
  4. Inventory is cheap and abundant. Used toys can often be purchased for just a fraction of the original cost and can be found just about anywhere.
  5. You can scale up your business. Placing an ‘item wanted’ add on free sites like Craigslist or Facebook can help bring toys to you. Or use this get alerts emailed to you when a toy (or just toys in general) or listed on Craigslist locally.
  6. Help is easy to find. If you want help cleaning, testing or inspecting the toys, you can easily enlist a friend, neighbor or relative to help you.
  7. Making money from this is here to stay. Few homeowners are willing to do the work required to sell these toys online themselves. This means more profit for savvy sellers like us. And every day, families are buying new toys that they end up giving away again, contributing to your endless cycle of available inventory.

How Do You Know Exactly What to Look For?

If you’re ready to start searching yard/garage sales and thrift stores, how do you know what to look for?

You could pick through every item one by one and look up prices on eBay, but that’s very time consuming. Resell Toy Guide

Lucky for you, my trusted partner Steve Raiken has a Top Secret Toy Guide that is of tremendous help.  It contains:

  • 47 top secret toy brands that sell on eBay
  • Description of each hot selling toy line
  • What to buy and sell on eBay for beginners
  • Estimated resale values
  • Toys you must avoid selling

And more.

I convinced Steve to put it on sale for you, so it’s 20% off until 8/20/19. Get it right here.

Tip: The Bronze Package for $37 covers everyting mentioned above. But there are “eBay Riches” in so many other categories like plush, neckties, and shoes. So, if you’re ready to go ‘whole hog’ into sourcing for eBay, I recommend the Gold or Silver package for maximum bang for your buck.

Any package you choose has a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money back guarantee!

If you need more info, check out the short video below with Steve (right) and Vinnie, the eBay Powerseller selling $8,300 every 60 days:

Video on what toys to sell on eBay

When it comes to sourcing used toys, there is unlimited potential for profit. Follow these simple tips and start crushing it!


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