Multi-Variation Listing UPC Announcement

It has come to our attention that many of our clients using Multi-Variation or Multi-SKU items have been receiving an eBay error which prevents the item from listing. eBay first announced this change in April of 2015, and at that time (Knowledgebase Article) SellerVantage exposed product identifier fields in our process so sellers could begin bringing their listings to compliance. As of today, eBay has committed that change and product identifiers are now required when listing most new goods and products. If you have existing Multi-Variations in SellerVantage they will need to be updated with a valid product identifier (UPC, MPN, GTIN, ISBN, EAN) in order for the item to list properly on eBay.

What You Need To Know
In order to update existing Multi Variation Listings in SellerVantage you will need to:

  1. When preparing an item for eBay remove the UPC category and value from the Specifics step of the process. Alternatively, when intaking a new item for a MVL, leaving the UPC blank will accomplish this as well.
  2. Via the Custom option on a variation, add a UPC category. Consequently the UPC category will be added to all existing and new variations.
  3. Populate the first field with “UPC” and the second field with a valid UPC or “Does Not Apply”.
  4. Previewing your listing should result in no errors from eBay, and the ability to successfully list your MVL.

If you want to know more about ebay’s changes requiring product identifiers, please visit the following official eBay for the spring of 2015 regarding Product Identifier Frequent Questions.