How do I pay Consignors?

Types of payments

You can pay a consignor for their items via checks, PayPal and then you can also customize other payments to show in your reports. If you pay cash or direct deposit, you can indicate you paid (outside of CrossPostIt) for their items. Be sure to see our other documentation about paying consignors with PayPal.

Paying consignors via Checks

What kind of checks can be used?

QuickBooks Voucher Checks or something similar with the check stub at the top. If you do not use these specified checks, you may have to adjust your margins when you print. The typical margins are 0.8″ on all 4 sides but every computer/printer is different.

How do I generate a check?

Log on to your CrossPostIt account and click Consignors.
Click on Pay Consignors.

Enter the Check Number, Click the checkbox of the items you want to add to the check, Select Generate Check to go directly to the check. If you need to edit the commission structure, click Edit Commission

After you click Edit Commission, you will see separate editable fields per item. You can adjust the commission structure, eBay or Paypal fees, minimum commission or deduct an amount from the item in the check. After you are finished here, click Save & Generate Check at the bottom.

Click Print