Bulk Upload

Below is a list of all the fields with descriptions that are in the CSV file used to upload bulk inventory,

Data Types

Data Type Example Values
binary 0 (false) or 1 (true) ONLY
decimal 0.75, 10.00
integer 1, 5, 37
string vehicles, 978-3-16-148410-0, Samsung



CSV Field SV Item Property Type Required
consignor_name Consignor Name string No
commission_plan Commission Plan string No
send_email_notifications Send Email Notifications binary No
title Title string Yes
check_deduction Check Deduction decimal No
check_deduction_note Check Deduction Note string No
quantity Quantity integer No
unit_cost Unit Cost decimal No
value Value decimal No
location Location string No
category Category string No
item_details Item Details string No
employee_notes Employee Notes string No
manufacturer Manufacturer string No
brand Brand string No
model Model string No
sku SKU string No
upc UPC integer No
ean EAN integer No
mpn MPN string No
gtin GTIN string No
isbn ISBN string No
photos Photos string No
ebay_start_price eBay Start Price decimal No
ebay_buy_it_now_price eBay Buy It Now Price decimal No
ebay_reserve_price eBay Reserve Price decimal No
craigslist_price Craigslist Price decimal No
amazon_price Amazon Price decimal No
storefront_price Storefront Price decimal No
enable_craigslist Can be listed on Craigslist binary No
enable_amazon Can be listed on Amazon binary No
enable_gunbroker Can be listed on GunBroker binary No
enable_storefront Can be listed on Storefront binary No
enable_ebay Can be listed on eBay binary No
info_line_1 Info Line 1 string No
info_line_2 Info Line 2 string No
tags Tags string No
weight Weight decimal No
length Length decimal No
width Width decimal No
height Height decimal No