The Lowdown on eBay’s Coded Coupons

Most internet users will be familiar with the idea of inputting a promotional code at checkout on an online retailer’s website.

A typical promotional code will offer a percentage discount (such as 10%) or a specific dollar discount from the total cost of the purchase.

With the launch of eBay’s new coded coupons tool, sellers can now create their very own promotional codes to drive additional sales and keep inventory moving.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about coded coupons and the potential they have to improve your eBay business.

What are coded coupons?

Put simply, eBay’s coded coupons are custom discount codes, created by eBay sellers for buyers to apply to their purchase at checkout.

An example of a coded coupon would be ‘SALE20,’ which would offer the buyer 20% discount when inputted at checkout.

First mentioned in the 2021 Spring Seller Update, this new coded coupon feature replaces the old codeless coupons tool.

With coded coupons, sellers can:

  • Show codes publicly on to entice browsing buyers
  • Share coupon codes privately with individual buyers via social media, email newsletters or a business website
  • Send printed coupon codes with orders to entice buyers to make repeat purchases

Who can use coded coupons?

At the current time, only active eBay Store subscribers have access to the coded coupon tool. So far, there has been no indication that the coded coupons feature will be rolled out non-Store subscribers.

How do coded coupons work?

Coded coupons are unique to each eBay seller. The tool to create them is both straightforward and easy to use, making it possible to created a coded coupon with just a few minutes of work.

Sellers have the option to show codes publicly on eBay or keep them private for selected individual buyers.

Codes shared publicly are displayed as discounts and are prominently featured in a number of locations across eBay, including listing and search result pages.

From a listing page with an active coupon displayed, buyers can also click through and view other items being offered within the same promotion.

Coded coupons are completely free for sellers to create and use.

How to create a coded coupon

As mentioned above, coded coupons can only be created by eBay sellers with an active Store subscription. The coded coupon tool is found within Seller Hub.

To create a coded coupon:

  • First go to ‘Promotions’ in Seller Hub
  • Select ‘Coupon’ in the ‘Create a Promotion’ menu

On the coupon creation screen, you’ll then need to:

  • Create a unique coupon code (15 characters maximum)
  • Name the offer, for reference purposes
  • Choose whether the coupon code will be private or public
  • Select the type of discount
  • Decide which items are to be included in the promotion
  • Choose the start and end dates
  • Add details of maximum savings, maximum redemptions and set a budget (if applicable)

Before completing, double check the coupon summary on the left hand side of the screen. There is also a preview displayed below, so you can see what the promotion will look like before finalization.

Advantages of coded coupons

Coupons may not be a new innovation or addition to eBay, but coded coupons do enable sellers to have more flexibility and control regarding marketing.

With coded coupons, sellers can:

  • Manage budget spend more efficiently, with a maximum spending limit and specific start/end dates. When the budget and/or time limit is reached, the promotion will no longer be seen by potential buyers
  • Experiment with a range of discount options i.e. percentage, quantity (“buy one, get one free”)
  • Set buyer conditions such as minimum spend and redemption limits, to ensure that an appropriate profit margin is still maintained
  • Choose to include specific items in promotions, excluding or including as many different items as desired

Of course, the other main attraction of coded coupons is the ability to drive additional sales. This is particularly true with publicly shared coupons, which appear prominently on eBay search result pages.

Coded coupons are just one of the many promotional tools available for eBay sellers. With eBay businesses being inherently unique, coded coupons may not be the best choice for every seller. With the tool being easy and free to use, however, there is little investment but a lot to potentially gain.

Experienced sellers, have you issued any coded coupons yet? What do you think of this new tool? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.