Configure PayPal Payments to Pay Consignors


First, you MUST have a PayPal Business Account. As long as you have that taken care of, you can finish the rest of these instructions.

While logged into PayPal, follow these steps: (click on the links below to save time)

  • Click: User Icon at the top right
  • Go to: Profile and Settings
  • Click: My Selling Tools on the left toolbar
  • Click: Update on API Access
  • Click: Request API Credentials
  • Already selected should be: Request API Signature
  • Click: Agree and Submit
  • Now, this next screen will have all of the information you need to paste into CrossPostIt

Keeping PayPal open, open a new screen/tab and log into CrossPostIt and follow these steps:

  • Click: Settings
  • Click: My Location
  • At the bottom right corner, you will see where to enter the information displayed within PayPal


Setting this will allow accountants to make payments to customers directly through the application. Without this, the Payment section cannot function.
While logged into PayPal, follow these steps:

Important: First time users need to contact their Account Manager or PayPal Customer Support to enable Mass Payments for their PayPal premier or business accounts. PayPal accounts must be white listed for the Mass Pay API to function properly. If these steps are not completed, you may receive the error “User Is Blocked”.