The Wholesale Formula Review (2020)

Ed note: You asked me for help with sourcing profitable, replenishable products for your Amazon business. Below is my review of The Wholesale Formula for Amazon Sellers.

New Review for 2020


You’re here because you’re asking “Should I get The Wholesale Formula to start or grow my Amazon business?”

The short answer (my opinion) is:Yes.

And I’ll tell you why. Here’s my honest review:

For 10 years I’ve been sharing trusted Amazon business models that really work with my readers and viewers like you on this blog.

And If you’re serious about owning a sustainable, scalable Amazon business, this review will help you. I’ll explain you should enroll in The Wholesale Formula in 2020;  I’ll tell you why sourcing wholesale is the best, safest and most proven way to sell on amazon; and I’ll show you inside the Wholesale Formula so you can see exactly what you’ll get when you enroll. (Deadline: February 13, 2020)

The #1 Reason Why I Recommend the Wholesale Formula:

Its taught directly by two guys who were and are very successful Amazon sellers, who source wholesale products exclusively.

Free Guide to Wholesale 101

They’ve sold $25M on Amazon (and that number continues to grow).

See, That’s what makes those two guys, Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors very different from almost every other expert in this space. Their current success on Amazon makes them real practitioners of what they teach you…What’s more, as you learned in the workshop, these guys grew up poor and were really struggling before they discovered selling wholesale on Amazon. I know you many of you are facing similar struggles too.

And… I’ve endorsed the Wholesale Formula for over 4 years now, and I have rarely seen two leaders more incredibly impassioned about helping their students succeed on Amazon.

Let me repeat that:

Dylan and Dan are incredibly impassioned about helping their students succeed.

These guys are the real deal. Honest, trustworthy, and with a history of helping their students reach the American Dream with Amazon

Students like Cheryl Breitman who you met in the free Workshop, who started with very little experience but went from selling $40,000 a year to $1.5M in just a few years, thanks to the Wholesale Formula. She’s already planning for “semi-retirement”:

Or the heartbreaking – but with a happy ending – story of Amy Sherlock, a single mother who underwent bankruptcy and foreclosure, but turned her life around with The Wholesale Formula. In a little over 1 year, Amy was selling over $25,000 per month:

In short, I don’t put my reputation behind anything unless it’s proven to work, and The Wholesale Formula, yes I’ve used it –  gets you results, as long as you put in the effort and follow their formula,

Why Wholesale is the Best, Safest and Most Proven Way to sell on Amazon

Other product sourcing methods can be very difficult. I’ve written a lot about that in my blog this year. If you buy products in stores to resell, or you do online arbitrage, or you’re a private label seller, you’re navigating many land-mines: warnings from brand owners, policy violations from Amazon, phony trademark infringement claims, seller saturation. These are all traps that can cripple or even shut down your Amazon business!

But when you source Wholesale products – particularly the way The Wholesale Formula teaches you – you enjoy authorized reseller status of products that are already selling great on Amazon. You don’t have to worry about constantly finding new inventory, plummeting prices, hundreds of other sellers competing with you, or getting policy warnings from the brand.

What you get when you enroll in The Wholesale Formula

First, this is more than just a course, its a proven step-by-step system:

  • Lifetime Access to 6 full training modules, each containing easy to follow videos and bonuses detailing everything about sourcing and selling Wholesale. And the content is beginner-friendly, too, in terms anyone can easily understand
  • 4 in-depth webinars with Dylan & Dan, where they’ll help you get a deeper understanding of their methods, and answer all your questions live, and if you can’t attend you’ll get lifetime access to the recordings
  • Lifetime Access to the private Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook group. This is your place to ask questions, to learn from more experienced sellers, share strategies, and create partnerships. This is super valuable, because anytime you have a question or a problem, someone’s there to help you along. That’s for life
  • $3,000 in discounts to software and systems that will help you launch and grow your Amazon business
  • Lifetime access to ALL future course updates, And a free ticket to their incredibly popular TWFLive event – ONLY for Wholesale Formula Students. It’s packed with coaching, training, and networking

But wait, there’s more!

When you buy The Wholesale Formula from me, I’ll give you an additional $3,700 in bonuses FREE. that makes this deal a whole lot sweeter – Including one-on-one wholesale coaching and a $2000 Inventory Buy-Back Guarantee (You can check out my bonuses at:

Finally, rest easy because you’re protected by the Wholesale Formula’s iron-clad, 30 day 100% money back guarantee. 

How Much Is It?

The Wholesale Formula is just $2497. That’s for lifetime access. And I truly believe that Even at double that amount, it would still be fairly priced. Case in point: I often point to my MBA I received in 1998. In today’s dollars, that would be about $60,000. And what did my MBA give me? Nothing, because it didn’t have anything to do with practical, real ways to make an income. It was all theory…

The Wholesale Formula isn’t ‘theory’. It’s a proven, working system that teaches you, step-by-step, with all the support you need, how to build a real, sustainable Amazon business. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme,  and it takes dedication from you to be successful. 

Enrollment to The Wholesale Formula closes at midnight on Feb. 13th, 2020, and it won’t reopen to the public until next year. And, the price will likely go up in the future. So enroll now at:, and don’t forget my free bonuses, including my $2000 Inventory Buy Back Guarantee, at

One final word: Throughout the free Wholesale Formula workshop, you’ve heard several references to freedom. Dan, Dylan, and most importantly the Wholesale Formula students shared how they obtained that freedom. The freedom to live the life they really want, free of a 9 to 5 job, free of financial worry. They took action and made their dreams come true.

It’s your turn now.

Remember: You’ve asked me for this help via your submitted survey responses. I’m always asking you ‘what do you need from me?’  You’ve said, very recently:

  • “My Amazon sales are in a rut.”
  • “Competition is high.”
  • “I’m tired of retail arbitrage.”
  • “I want to source more, more profitably, with less work.”

The Wholesale Formula is solving those problems for hundreds of Amazon sellers now, and they’re trusted partners of mine. So if you’re ready, get The Wholesale Formula. But: If you get it, please take action.

Enroll today at . And get over $3,000 of my extra bonuses at

Thanks for reading Questions? Post them below, or Email me at:


Below are some of several hundred) real Wholesale Formula Success stories. (Click to enlarge or view them all here)

does the Wholesale Formula Work

Check out my video review and my other analysis, and let me know what you think.

– Jordan

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