My Online Book Arbitrage Showdown With Peter Valley

Peter Valley Zen Arbitrage

January 20, 2019 was a special day for me. My readers and I interviewed Peter Valley (above right), the legendary online book sourcing and Amazonselling expert. You may also know Peter as ther creator of Zen Arbitrage and FBAMastery. I bet you didn’t know that Peter is also the the world’s most published author on Amazon selling.

This interview was special as I’ve been a fan of Peter Valley for several years but I never got to meet him until my birthday when I had the honor of his visit to my home in Las Vegas! If you missed the interview, here’s the full replay:

Tip: The video is over 90 minutes. So if you’re pressed for time, do these 2 things: 1.) Speed up the video – but still understand everything we’re saying – with this free browser plug-in for Firefox and Chrome browsers (I use it too), and 2.) Below find timestamps of specific segments within the video (if you want to jump around):

Interview Segments:

00:05:59 – Peter gives me a very UNUSUAL (but hilarious) video gift for my birthday

00:10:20 – Peter’s VERY humble beginnings (he started nearly BROKE)sell used books on amazon

00:15:15 – Peter describes dumpster diving for book

00:20:00 – The one TRUE fact that makes online book arbitrage ‘really work’ 

00:21:00 – Jordan briefly explains the buying and selling process done by book arbitrage experts on Amazon

00:26:45 – Jordan asks Peter “Why are some online arbitrage sellers failing? (What makes a ‘winner‘)?

00:31:30 – Jordan asks Peter “Where is the ‘low hanging fruit” online to get books for reselling?

00:34:37 – Do textbook prices and/or sales increase dramatically during textbook season?

00:44:00 – Why are used books such a ‘great’ item to sell on Amazon?

00:48:05 – Why are big booksellers (on Amazon) dramatically lowering their prices?

00:53:20 – How is Amazon’s “Fair Pricing Policy” affecting sellers?

00:58:15 – Where are the best resources to get used books for reselling?

01:07:21 – The (good) change that occured when Amazon stopped charging sellers a 6-month storage fee

01:11:45 Avoid buying ‘new’ books in bulk when they are ‘remainders’.

01:16:50Profitable used books that are not textbooks

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Sites mentioned: Peter’s blog, all about sourcing and selling used books Jordan’s software that instantly shows you whether or not you’re approved to sell any item on Amazon free site that shows Amazon pricing and sales rank history of any item) UPC barcode scouting app for sellers Tool to get more feedback from buyers

Free Bonus for you: Be sure to get Peter’s (no-catch) FREE Online Book Arbitrage full course and eBook here. I’ve seen the book and course, and they are indeed a bulletproof ‘step by step’ complete, free training on how to source books online to resell on Amazon. This jam-packed bundle from Peter is his gift to you.

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