Understanding Billing

CrossPostIt offers five subscription services that charge a flat monthly fee to list up to a certain number of listings to any marketplace we offer (eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Gunbroker, and Storefront).  All subscription plans include an unlimited number of inventory items, photos, and consignors, plus free technical support.  Subscription costs only vary based on number of listings.


The Basic Subscription is $30/month and includes 0-100 sales, the Small Business Subscription is $99/month which includes 101-500 sales, the Professional Subscription is $150/month for 501-1k sales, the Power-seller Subscription is $199 for 1001- 5,000 sales, and the UNLIMITED anything over 5,000 sales per month – call for pricing.


Any account that goes over their listing limit of their current subscription plan in any given month will automatically be upgraded to the next subscription level and billed the difference the following month.  Additionally, the account will remain on the new higher subscription plan unless the customer changes is back to the previous subscription level.  Customers are able to access and change their subscription at any time.


To access the subscription and billing settings, select the gear symbol in the top right of the main menu and click on Settings and then choose Billing/Subscription.


The first thing you see at the top is the account’s subscription details. The top left panel shows the current subscription plan, the billing cycle, next invoice date and an estimate of the next invoice amount. The panel on the right allows you to switch subscriptions, update payment details and cancel your account. You can switch subscription types at any time but they won’t take effect until your next billing cycle.


The billing details can be expanded by selecting the (Show Details) link which expands to display the line item billing information below. On the left you will see listing counts to each marketplace during the current billing cycle. The panel on the right shows you the current monthly subscription rate, any applicable discount, the total listing count and the cost per listing rate.

A history of your invoices is available on the bottom of the subscription and billing page.