Storefront – Getting Started

This guide will get you listing to your own store in no time. With your CrossPostIt Storefront, you will be able to list items to your own website and accept payment without launching items to any other channels. In addition, you can ALSO list the same item as a Fixed Price to eBay, list it on Amazon and also advertise it on Craigslist at the same time. Once the item sells on one channel, it will be removed from the other active selling channels (or the quantities will be adjusted if you have multiple quantity across all channels).

Time to set up your store! While logged into CrossPostIt, go to Settings > Storefront.


The first thing you will see is the option to upgrade from your free storefront account to the Pro account

What’s the difference between free and pro?

The free storefront displays all listings you have live on eBay and redirects to your eBay listings. Pro gives you the advantage to sell products outside of eBay at the same time. When you are using Pro, you can make quite a few adjustments.

Look and Feel

To start, you can quickly add your Store Name, Store Facebook Page and Store Twitter account. If you want to setup your own domain name, enter that into Custom Domain and follow the instructions under the question mark to finish that process outside of CrossPostIt.

Next, select a layout. Some of these layouts will use your logo and some will use a banner. For those that would like a full size banner across the top, we give you the access to upload your own banner or create one through our banner creator.

For best results, make sure your banner is 850px wide. Suggested 150px in height but that’s able to vary.

Content and Pages

You have the flexibility to use CrossPostIt solely as your store and continue using your own website for all other content. You can do this by disabling the other tabs and only keeping the Products tab. If you want to fully use CrossPostIt to manage your website content, feel free to add your information directly in these sections.


  1. Ability to disable tabs: If you do not want to display an About Us or detailed Shipping page, feel free to check the box and disable that page.
  2. Change tab positions: If you want About Us next to Home, enter 2 under the About Us page to change that positioning.
  3. Add additional pages: Next to Contact Us, you will see a [+] where you can add more pages to explain Consignor information, items you sell, etc.
  4. Add HTML into each page: just the same as your description boxes, click the HTML button on the 2nd row of the toolbar to enter custom HTML for each page.

Category Builder

Separate your items by category so your buyers can find items easier in your store. If you already have your category structure built well in your eBay Store setup, you can easily import your Store Categories into CrossPostIt from eBay.

You can build 3-tier categories (such as: Electronics > Laptops > HP) with our easy-to-use builder.

Controls and Checkout

If you do not already have an Account, follow the instructions HERE to help you in setting this up.

If you already have an account, follow the instructions HERE to connect CrossPostIt to your account.