Storefront – Creating an Authorize account

First, go to to create an account.

Using your email address, create a login ID and enter a password you will remember. Next, you will go through the Online Payment Service Application. You want to select Payment Gateway and Internet Merchant Account.

your store

Now, you will need to fill in your business information. When you get down to the Standard Industry Code (SIC), you can click the Lookup to be sure you are selecting the correct SIC for your company. Most will select Retail Trade > Used Merchandise but there are other options that can better define your company.

your store

Step 3 is entering your payment and account information. This is used for to monthly bill your account for all gateway fees.

Step 4 is your application as a new Merchant Account.

your store

After you are finished with this step, review all fees that would be charged by and the Merchant Accounts. After your account is setup, now you are ready to setup your storefront!

One question I receive quite a bit is “How much does Authorize charge? They show a lot of separated amounts.”

First, there is a one-time $99 setup fee. Then here are the breakdowns:

  • $27.90 per month ($17.95 per month from, $9.95 monthly fee for the credit card processing)
  • $0.35 per transaction ($0.10 from, $0.25 from VISA, MC, Dis)
  • 2.19% of total amount processed or $25, whichever is greater (from VISA, MC, Dis)
  • $0.10 daily batch fee (from to run the end of the day batch)