Managing eBay Best Offers

Managing Best Offers through CrossPostIt is quick and easy. Under the Orders tab, if you see a $ icon, then you have a New Best Offer.

Offer History screen explained. Fixed Price is what you listed the item at while the Estimated Price is the approximate value you added while taking the item in. Offer From displays the eBay ID and their feedback. Clicking on their feedback number will open a new page displaying that user’s feedback directly on eBay.

eBay allows you to respond to an offer within 72 hours of them submitting the offer. This is why we display an Expires at date.

You have 3 options with Best Offers. Accept Offer
Counter Offer will display a section below the item to enter your offer amount and a comment to go back to the potential buyer.
Decline Offer will present you a safety screen to assure you clicked the correct option.

Once you Decline an offer, you cannot counter the offer. Each potential buyer has up to 3 times they can place an offer on an item.

If you still have not Accepted, Countered or Declined the offer, you will also see this in the History of the item. From here, it will redirect you to the above page. Once you have Accepted, Countered or Declined the offer, you will see it in the History of the item so you can keep track of what offers were declined.

Once accepted, the item will no longer be available for sale on eBay and it will move to your Sold and Unpaid section until the buyer pays for it.