Manage Second Chance Offers

Second Chance Offers in CrossPostIt are simple to accomplish. Whether you are selling multiple items or you have a non-paying bidder, this is a quick process.

Start out by going to your Sold & Unpaid section in CrossPostIt. Find the item you want to do a Second Chance Offer. Hover over Select An Action and then click Edit Item.

While in the View of this item, hover over Select An Action and you will see 2nd Chance Offer.

If you have not filed a non-paying bidder dispute through E4o, you may see this message below asking you to do so. If not, you would potentially receive payment from the original buyer as well as the buyer you sent the Second Chance Offer (SCO).

If you want to keep the current inventory number in Sold/Unpaid, you can Create a Copy of this item. This will create a new inventory number and once the SCO is sent, the inventory number can be found in the Listed section.

If you already have another inventory number located In Queue that hasn’t been listed and you want to attach this SCO to it, you can select I already have a copy.

After making your selection, you will see all of the bidders on the item. Select the bidder you want to make a SCO, select the Duration, add a message and then click Make Offer.

If you created a copy of the item and the buyer pays for it, you are responsible for making sure a dispute has been filed through eBay and you do not receive a payment for the primary listing.