Creating a Custom eBay Template

Creating a template that is ready to be used in CrossPostIt is pretty simple. We use a bunch of “smart tags” to dynamically pull information displayed in the listings. Here are the 2 main tags:


We have 2 different types of ways to display photos. The types are: Linear & Swapper. The first option is Swapper with the single large image to the left and thumbnails to the right. Linear would be one photo below another. With both the Linear and the Swapper, we can make the size of the images whatever you would like which will be covered below.

The tags for these options are: linear [IMAGES] & swapper [IMAGE_SWAPPER]. If you want to display the first image in the description, at the top of the template or maybe below the entire template, you can use this tag: [FIRST_IMAGE]

The other areas that are dynamic with CrossPostIt are the bottom sections that can be filled in under Settings (the gear icon) > Ad Templates:


If there are other sections you would like to include, feel free to but understand that these sections will not be editable. It will be hardcoded into the HTML.

These tags are pulled from the information added in Settings > Location, so as long as that information is correct then these tags will display correct:


The [LOGO] is only the URL so if you want to make the image display, use <img src=”[LOGO]”>


There should be no tags such as HTML, HEAD or BODY in your template. eBay will mix up the tags with their already existing HTML. Inline CSS is supported.

Add this line to the top of your template: <!– [[[template-01|CLIENT ID :: Custom Swapper|swapper|475|100]]] –>

  1. Leave “template-01“ unless you are submitting multiple templates, in this case, label them 01, 02, etc.
  2. Replace “CLIENT ID” with your client ID in all lowercase letters
  3. Replace “Custom Swapper” with the image technology you are using: Custom Swapper, Custom Linear, Custom Flash
  4. Replace “swapper” with the name of the image technology: swapper, linear, flash_viewer
  5. The “475” refers to the width of the images. The general size of the Swapper is 475 but you may enter the amount you wish. The general size of the Linear images is 600. Keep in mind that not everyone is using a 22” monitor, therefore, what may fit on your screen may not fit on a smaller laptop.
  6. The “100” refers to the Thumbnail width – only used for Swapper. If you are using Linear or Flash, do not change this field as it is not used.

Now that the smart tags are out of the way, since we will host all of the images for the template, we need a compressed file with the HTML file and images. The HTML itself will be hosted in a different location so please make all images reflect this format after you edit the capitalized sections CLIENTID and IMAGENAME.JPG:

You may use: .jpg, .png, .gif images in your template.

For a complete list of tags available:


After you are finished creating your template, email the compressed (.zip) file to:
support at CrossPostIt dot com