Settings – Listing Defaults


Search and Intake

  • Default search: this will reduce the time you spend modifying how you search. If typically you search by Consignor Name, Item number or eBay number, set this default so you do not have to select it each time. You will still be able to search by all other options, this is only the default.
  • Email Opt-In: as a default, if you want your consignors to receive an email when the item has been Listed, Sold, Unsold or you have generated a check, then leave this checkbox checked. If by default you do not want to email your consignors, uncheck this box. You will still be able to manually choose which consignor you wish to email notifications to.
  • Details: this will be in your description by default. If you use a table to explain Brand, Model, Size, Color, you can enter that here. Or if you simply use “Up for grabs is a…”, you can add that too.


eBay Listing

  • eBay Custom Label: If you have an eBay Selling Manager account, they have a Custom Label Field that shows in eBay. If you want to be able to see the Item Number or Shelf Location, chose this to show up in your Custom Label.
  • Listing Type: If you primarily do Online Auction or Fixed Price, reduce time by selecting this.
  • Auction Counter: This shows at the bottom of your listing.
  • Auction Gallery: This also shows at the bottom of the listings you select it to display on. It shows all listings in the same category that are ending soonest.
  • Payment Methods: By default, PayPal will be chosen. If you have a verified Merchant Account that is already set within eBay, then you can select the credit card options. If your merchant account is not verified through eBay, your listings will be restricted from listing if you have these options selected.
  • Sales Tax: If you charge in-state sales tax, it needs to be setup in eBay first. CrossPostIt will then be able to make sure to enforce the tax you have set in eBay.


  • Domestic Shipping: Choose Flat Rate or Calculated as default and also select the shipping options you want to offer. You will still be able to offer more, less or different options per item. This is only a default setting.
  • Shipping Profiles: This is setup in your eBay Account under My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Shipping Preferences. If you have them setup, you will see the option here to select it.
  • International Shipping: You can specify a certain service per area. Such as: UPS Standard to Canada and then only select Canada as the option to see this. Or you can simply select USPS Priority Mail International and choose Worldwide to have USPS calculate the shipping per the country. Up to you how you want to set this up.
  • Shipping Exclusions: You can specify exact countries or even continents that you do not wish to ship to. Shipping Exclusions overrides the checkboxes directly under the shipping services.


  • Must be returned within: eBay increases the Best Match search with the longer duration here. Most will select 14 days as it is the shortest time span.
  • Refund Will Be Given As and Return Shipping Will Be Paid By: these options will be up to your decision.
  • Return Details: This information is shown in the Shipping and Payments eBay tab. This is separate from the Returns information you have listed in the Template under Admin > Templates.
  • Update All Listings with Default Return Policy: this button schedules an update of each listing that can be modified. If there are bids on the listing or it will be ending within 12 hours, the listing cannot be updated. This button will only modify the Shipping and Payments eBay tab as it will not change your Returns section of your template.



  • Craigslist defaults: this does not limit you to posting in only this city or category, it is only a default. If you sell all different types of items, you can leave the category at No Default.
  • Stock Inventory Owner: if you use the Inventory section and enter items into the Stock section of the software, you can choose who is the default account the stock will be entered under.