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Wholesale Formula review

The Wholesale Formula (“TWF”) is a proven blueprint/system for sourcing and selling wholesale products profitably on Amazon. Its founders Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert have sold over $20M in wholesale products on Amazon. Enrollment is now open through Feb. 21, 2019. Alternately, their Free Workshop is open during the same time period.

You’re probably here because you’re asking “is The Wholesale Formula legitimate, and does it work?

The short answer is “yes” and “yes”. But perhaps you need more info. So I wrote this post for you. (Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate partner of TWF, so I may be compensated if you purchase it).

“What you get” inside TWF:

  • Lifetime Access to the TWF Course (step-by-step training, tools, guides, transcripts, and strategies)
  • Exclusive TWF Alumni community (forge relationships with other successful sellers who can help you!)
  • Live webinars by The Wholesale Formula founders will answer all your questions there
  • Over $3,000 in discounts on software (that’s in addition to my $3500 bonus package)
  • Much more…
  • See my video for an inside look of TWF here, starting at the 02:58 mark. (I shot that video in 2016, but you should know TWF’s content, bonuses, and help have increased and improved even more since then. The price has also increased, from $1997 to $2497)

Who is TWF ideal for?

(New: Wholesale Formula founder Dan Meadors answers “Is The Wholesale Formula Right for Me?“)

  • Amazon sellers who are tired with the limitations/restrictions with RA (Retail Arbitrage) and OA (Online Arbitrage). See my blog post for more
  • Beginning Amazon sellers with no experience at all
  • Amazon private label sellers (of any level) who want to add wholesale to their product lines

Who is TWF not ideal for?

  • Tire kickers! Neither TWF nor any other system/course, will be able to help you if you’re not serious and ready to take action on growing a true business!
  • Any seller who is seriously financially strapped and cannot spare the cost of TWF and (say) $2000 for their 1st wholesale order. If that describes you, please see lesser-priced (and thus with less content and personalized help) Proven Wholesale Sourcing (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Proven Wholesale Sourcing, so I may be compensated if you buy it.)

Will TWF work if you’re outside the U.S.?

  • Yes but it does not provide country-specific help with Amazon account set-up, taxes, and importing. For that, I recommend this free resource and/or InternationalAZ


Real student testimonials of TWF (verified by me):

  • Jonathan Kent ($900,000 in sales the first 7 months of 2017) and Britni Ross (40% profit margin from 11 wholesale accounts):

does the Wholesale Formula Work

My interviews with TWF founders Dan & Eric:


Other Frequently Asked Questions about TWF can be found in the below resources:

What’s the difference between TWF and Jim Cockrum’s Proven Wholesale Sourcing course?

I’m glad you asked, I just wrote about that here.

When will The Wholesale Formula be available again?

Not for at least 1 year from today (I verified that -it’s not a ‘scarcity tactic’. So now through Feb. 21, 2019 is the only enrollment period available until February 2020

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, 30 days from your first payment or full payment, no questions asked. That’s plenty of time to check it out. Their guarantee is personally backed by me: If they don’t refund you (they will, but just in case), I will. See details near the bottom of this page: jordanmalik.com/twfbonus

I have more question about the Wholesale Formula. Who do I ask?

Get them answered in their free Facebook group through Feb. 21, 2019

Are there any bonuses when I buy?


You’ve asked me for this help via your submitted survey responses. I’m always asking you ‘what do you need from me?’  You’ve said, very recently:

  • “My Amazon sales are in a rut.”
  • “Competition is high.”
  • “I’m tired of retail arbitrage”
  • “I want to source more, more profitably, with less work.”

The Wholesale Formula is solving those problems for hundreds of Amazon sellers now, and the’re trusted partners of mine. So if you’re ready, get The Wholesale Formula. But: If you get it, please take action. It’s no good if you buy it and do nothing.

Good luck!

– Jordan

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