Avoid This $3500 “Textbook Arbitrage” Service

In February 2020 I sent out an email to my subscribers – mostly Amazon sellers – asking them about their current challenges with their online business.

A few replied and said they were considering purchasing a $3500 (!) Amazon “online book arbitrage” training program. Others reported the price was $997 to start, then $97/month.

(“Online book arbitrage” means finding a lower-priced book on Amazon, or other bookselling sites, buying it, and then flipping it back on Amazon FBA for a profit.)

I have 2 problems with that:

One: The $3500 or $997 price (ridiculous)…

Two: Readers have told me the company is taking money from innocent buyers (that’s you), not providing anything of value, disappearing, then re-emerging with a new name!

At one point the $3500-per-customer deal was called “Textbook Money” and “Book Profits“…and “Entrepreneur ____”

In fact, this article says the folks behind Textbook Money engaged in some unscrupulous behavior. It’s a lengthy expose.

I have to tell you, all reports point to a scam. Many innocent people, including retirees, have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars

A few of them contacted me directly to tell me…

There’s a chance that the unscrupulous company emerges again. If they do, you’ll know what to look for. Always do your due diligence:

  • Ask other sellers
  • Google the company and owners’ names
  • Check reviews online
  • Investigate the owners. Do they have transparency? Are they easy to contact? Do they have legitimate personal or business profiles on major sites (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)
  • Ensure whatever you buy has a free trial period and/or no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee
  • Use a credit card where you can dispute the charges if necessary. (Never use a debit card nor your checking account)

…But please don’t pay $3500! (Or even $997)…

Yes, online book arbitrage does work. You have to put work into it. And I recommend you learn from a trusted professional.

And now you can, 100% free, no catch with this:

FREE Online Book Arbitrage Webclass: My trusted partner Peter Valley, the originator of online book arbitrage, has real, on-demand training that shows you how to make money flipping books – with no paid tools. Sign up here: bit.ly/2HNF3EW

(Yes, you’ll really learn tips from the pros here. You don’t have to buy anything to learn some new strategies):

Stay safe, and go with your gut.

Thank you for reading this!

-Jordan Malik of HonestOnlineSelling.com

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